Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Have you met the Brady Brothers yet? They are hot, sexy alpha males who believe in love at first sight, and will do whatever it takes to get the woman of their dreams.

He has never met a woman he wanted to keep, until she walks into his life.

Tucker Brady doesn't expect to find the woman of his dreams while eating lunch at the local Dairy Dip. It takes only a quick look at Hadley Walsh, and he is like a man possessed. He has one goal: sliding between her legs and staying there.
Getting His woman is the only thing that matters.

Now that Tucker has her by his side, his life is nearly perfect. His days are filled with laughter, and his nights are full of hot sex. There's only one little problem; his mother and Hadley hate each other. Playing referee between the two women is driving him nuts!
How can Tucker fix this without having to choose between the woman in his bed and the woman who gave him life?

WARNING: Getting His is a sweet and sexy story. If you don't like insta-love, alpha men with nothing but sex on their minds, sweet and innocent heroines, or lots of smoking hot love scenes this is not the book for you.

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Her life was careening off course, until she met him.

Tanya Walsh doesn’t expect to find her soulmate, while hiding from her troubles in the backwater town of White Chapel, Kentucky. With one smile from Major Brady, she wants to lay her concerns at his feet. She has one goal, to allow him to fix her problems, without letting him break her heart.

Getting Her life under control will only be possible with him by her side.

Spending her nights in his bed, she finally feels safe again. Her days are no longer filled with worries, and her nights are full of sweet dreams. There’s only one little problem; her past has come back to haunt her in the form of her tyrant of a father.

Will Tanya make it through this latest disaster with her heart still intact?

WARNING: Getting Hers is a sweet and sexy story. If you don't like instalove, alpha men with nothing but sex on their minds, feisty heroines, or lots of smoking hot love scenes this is not the book for you.

Available now on Amazon or read free with Kindle Unlimited:


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