Monday, June 17, 2019

Dallas is LIVE!

Dallas ‘Big D’ Winston is a protector, a dreamer, a fighter, and a lover. He is known for his devotion to the people in his life and his job. Those are the qualities that make him such an amazing man, plus he’s hung like a horse and great in the sack. He is always there when people need him the most, but has a hard time accepting the same from others. Dallas may get on stage and take his clothes off for money, but it’s the dancing that he truly loves. It’s what he’s good at, and it fills his pockets well. Dancing is all he’s ever wanted to do, and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. He’s all about the money, the women, and the attention, but what happens when tragedy strikes and his dreams are put on hold? Will he be able to devote himself to something else, even if dancing isn’t in his future?
***Dallas was previously released as Big D in SIX: A Men of the Strip Anthology, but can now be purchased separately and for the low price of $.99!!***

Available on Amazon or read free on Kindle Unlimited 

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